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Help prevent the cycle of drug addiction

Donate towards a counselling session. We only use evidenced based interventions with qualified registered addiction counsellors. 

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Do you feel trapped in the cycle of addiction?

➤ Are you living in an area with huge drug use?

➤ Is your young teenager addicted to weed or cocaine?

➤ Do you feel shame about your family drug problem?

➤ Have you been forced to pay someone else’s drug debt?

➤ Are you living in fear for your life?

➤ Does your family have a generational drug problem?

➤ Are aggressive drug dealers calling to your door?

➤ Are drugs too easy to get where you live?

➤ Are your children isolated at school because of your family drug problem?

➤ Do you feel hopeless or that you can’t cope?

Imagine if our community was drug free

✔︎  What would your life be like without drugs?

✔︎ No more fear of drug dealers 

✔︎ Our kids and their kids are drug free

✔︎ What would our community be like in 10 years drug free? 

Rebuilding lives with your help...

Evidenced based treatment

With qualified registered addiction counsellors. We treat everyone with dignity and respect; helping each person to fulfil their potential

Help people and families become and remain drug free

We provide confidential practical support, person centred counselling and rehabilitation support, in a private and safe environment

Break the cycle

Generational addiction is not a personal failing. Drug use is a coping mechanism for dealing with trauma and stress. We can help you cope using evidenced based treatment and other coping mechanisms 


I am aware that adequate funding is essential if you are to continue to provide this service and I would encourage all stakeholders to facilitate proper funding prospectively.

Please keep up the good work !


It is essential that Willow are able to continue to deliver such a service in Athy as the lack of such a service would have detrimental impact not only on the client's ability to engage with our program but also on their ability to complete the programme and remain drug free

Senior Counseller Keltoi

Willow's role in supporting and preparing people with a substance use disorder for our detox and rehabilitation programme is fundamental to the person's long term recovery.

Senior Counseller Keltoi

Help make Athy safe from drugs

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