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Help us to fight against and prevent drug addiction this September.

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Rebuilding Lives with your help...

Evidenced based treatment

With qualified registered addiction counsellors. We treat everyone with dignity and respect: helping each person to fulfill their potential.

Help people and families become and remain drug free

We provide confidential practical support, person centered counselling and rehabilitation support, in a private and safe environment.

Break the cycle

Generational addiction is not a personal failing. Drug use is a coping mechanism for dealing with trauma and stress. We can help you cope using evidence based treatment and other coping mechanisms.

Your donation today will help ensure people with drug addiction have access to crucial support through our free counselling services.

Please donate today to ensure we can continue to be there for every person that needs us.

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Do you feel trapped in a cycle of addiction?

What would your life be like without drugs?

- No more fear of drug dealers

- Return to education and develop new skills

- Rebuild your life and look forward to a better future

- Our kids and their kids drug free

Does your family have a generational drug problem?

Are your children isolated at school because of your family drug problem?

Do you feel helpless or that you can't cope?

Call us, we can help.

Imagine if our community was drug free

What would your life be like without drugs?

No more fear of drug dealers

Our kids and their kids are drug free

What would our community be like in 10 years drug free?

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